Obstacles and ADD

June 3, 2011 at 9:00 am (Writing) (, , , , )

There are three cats in my apartment.

One of them is sitting behind me on the top of the couch, wrapped around the back of my neck, and purring up a storm. Don’t mistake this for affection- he’s hungry.

One of them is curled up so tightly against my leg, one of his arms actually wrapped around my thigh, I can’t move without his claws flexing into my skin. This is actually my cat. He feels I neglect him horribly during the day when I’m gone for hours and hours working to keep food in his bowl.

The third cat is sitting a few feet away on the coffee table, tail wrapped around her legs, staring at me. Whenever I show any signs of moving towards her or even acknowledging her presence, she hisses at me. I have a feeling this is because every other night this week, when she yowled and cried by the downstairs door to be put on her harness and taken out, I’ve ignored her. Because the last time I gave in and took her out, I ended up losing all the skin off one elbow and knee.

There’s a large tv that’s so nice most things look bizarre on it, lots of dvds stacked around it, and netflix instant play. There are eight bookcases, most of them double stacked with loooooots of interesting books just begging to be read. At least two of them have books filled with non-fiction waiting for me to take pages and pages of notes for research. There are books waiting to be reviewed, books that patiently wait for me to lose myself in them, books that are waiting less-than-patiently to blow my mind.

There’s a bathroom that should probably definitely be cleaned.

Ditto kitchen.

Double ditto bedroom. (Is there such a thing as a triple ditto? The bedroom’s really kind of bad)

I have an entire closet full of craft supplies. Jewelry projects I haven’t touched in a year, notebooks to decorate, canework to make, music to learn. My ear infection is finally gone so I should be able to get back to the gym without serious fear of passing out on the treadmill.

And there’s the internet.

Oh, dear God, the internet.

Instant messaging and memes and blogs and Twitter and facebook and games and research and staggering, eye-popping, brain-numbing amounts of internets.

So what’s the point of all this?

All of these are obstacles to being productive. They are things that keep us from sitting down and getting to it.

And they are so HARD to resist!

This is why I go somewhere else to write, but even on days where I’m not trying to write I notice myself falling prey to obstacles like these. It’s not even that glorious productivity is the goal on these days, but there’s something profoundly depressing about realizing it’s bedtime- and then realizing you have done nothing useful since getting home from work. You get hom from work, rather brain dead, change into pjs, manage to put something together for food (however questionable that something might be), sit down on the couch…and become useless for the rest of the night.

It’s evening as I’m writing this. About ten o’clock, in fact. I’ve been off work for five hours. I clocked out, walked next door to the grocery store, got food, drove home, and preheated the oven so I could pop the food in and forget about it for a while. Changed clothes- pajams for the win- and nearly tripped over the cat. One of the cats. I wrapped my dad’s father’s day present so I could send it out- still haven’t dug out the address to write it on there yet- and had to wrestle the butcher paper away from the hissy cat who would glady eat me in my sleep. I grabbed my food, sat down on the couch, turned on the tv…and writing this is the closest to productive I’ve been. I’ve watched three episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, two episodes of The Unusuals, and an episode of Archer; I have no idea what I’m going to watch next. I pulled out my clipboard at one point, tried to take notes for an upcoming rewrite, and realized my brain doesn’t function after work. All of my productivity is on days off or before work.

I am surrounded by obstacles.

And the obstacles are winning.

I seriously have things I need to be doing right now. I need to be brainstorming for this rewrite so I can figure out what the hell I’m doing. I’m not usually in this drifting state with projects and it is unbelievably frustrating, especially considering I have to sit on my queries for a month for I send them out (self imposed, no weird query regulations or anything). I’m drifting and I’m frustrated and it makes it hard to focus.


So the obstacles are winning.


So tomorrow, I am waking up before I have to, and I am curling up in bed with a book (and possibly a cat, just not the one who wants to eat me alive) and I am reading for a few hours. Recharging. I work an uber-long shift all through the afternoon and evening, I will be a zombie when I get home, and that’s okay because I’ll have read and recharged in the morning. And then I have a day off. I am NOT going to sleep in like a slob (okay, I’m going to sleep in, just not to the point where anyone can call me a slob) and then I’m going to go to my writing cave. And I’m going to go again before work on Tuesday morning.

And I’m asking you to hold me accountable.

By the time one o’clock Tuesday afternoon rolls around, I need to come away from my writing cave with at least four book reviews (five would be better) and at least ten pages of notes for this upcoming rewrite. A title would be fantastic, but I don’t think I’ll push my luck.

And if I get there- if I actually manage to shove away all the obstacles and get done what I need to get done- you get a prize.

How frickin’ cool is that? Guilt trip me into doing actually work, get a chance of getting rewarded for it.

So, here’s the deal: GUILT TRIP ME. Everyone who encourages, bullies, guilt trips, cheers along, whatever it is we want to call it gets entered into a drawing. If I actually make it, I will be giving away a shiny new copy of Cassandra Clare’s City of Fallen Angels complete with Jace’s letter to Clary. You’ve heard me rave about how much I love this series, and this is the one with the ending that has everyone talking. You know you want it. So, if you live in the US (sorry, postage is expensive), and if you want an amazing book, help me kick off the ADD and the massive array of obstacles and get SOMETHING productive done in the next week.

Before I…go on vacation and become thoroughly, spendlidly, amazingly unproductive for…two and a half weeks.

Fear not, there were will still be reviews and rambles. Otherwise I might lose track of what day it is and that’s never pretty.

All comments before 1 pm EST on Tuesday June 7th will be considered by Sir Random Number Generator!



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