Blog Tour + Giveaway: Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

January 29, 2012 at 11:59 pm (Blog Tour, Giveaway) (, , , , )

You know what this week is?

It’s Incarnate‘s birthday!!!

That’s right, this lovely book is coming all fresh and shiny into the world, and this is one stop on the release week celebration. (Don’t know the book I’m talking about? That’s okay, you can celebrate anyway, and you can also check out my review.) There are something like fifty blogs participating in this event, with all KINDS of things to do. There are games and activities, treasure hunts, Guess the Blogger, even a knitted Incarnate puppet theatre!

Some of the individual blogs (including this one!) are hosting individual giveaways, but there are also Tour Prizes.
Two runners up will win: signed hardcover of Incarnate, knitted fingerless mitts, and assorted swag.
One Grand Prize winner will win: a signed, annotated hardcover of Incarnate, knitted fingerless mitts, a Jodi-made mask, assorted swag, and a character named after them in book three (who may or may not end up dead).

Frickin’ sweet, right?

So, on to details: of the 45 blogs participating in the release week fun, 19 of us are activity bloggers. If you do the activity on each blog and fill out the included form (absolutely required), you’re entered for more points in the grand prize giveaway. Then, there’s also the Clue Hunt. You can do as many or as few of the activities as you’d like. Just keep in mind: on the blogs that have separate giveaways, you still have to fill out the form to get the extra points for the grand prize giveaway.

(For more information on the Incarnate Theatre Treasure Hunt, check out Jodi’s post)

Want a hint about the Theatre?


And on to the activity!

In Incarnate, there’s a masquerade where the entire city of Heart comes together in costumes. It’s a celebration of love that transcends lifetimes and surpasses the physical form, a test of sorts to see if two souls can still find each other even in costumes that remain secret. It’s an amazing scene, one that filters through the entire story in small ways. Plus, I’ve always been in love with masquerades. It’s not just that most people don’t know who you are, or even about the thrill that comes when someone does recognize you in spite of everything. It’s the symbolism of the choice, the way those designs become reality in pieces of cloth and accessories. I think what a person chooses, and how they choose to do it, actually says a lot about them. (yes, I overanalyze things; it’s one of the reasons I love doing book reviews)

So here’s the schtick: I have a question for you, and if you answer it in the comments, you’re entered for my giveaway. Winner (chosen by will win an ARC of the book, plus a handmade Incarnate themed jewelry set. BUT, to be entered for extra points in the grand prize tour giveaway, you HAVE to fill out the form below. Have to. Non-negotiable. If you comment but don’t fill out the form, you’ll still be entered for my giveaway, but it won’t contribute to the overall contest.

And now for the question!

If you were to go to masquerade like the one in Incarnate, what would you be/look like? You can describe it, draw it, link to it, just be creative!

(as an example: I’d be a dragon. Slightly different from the dragons in Incarnate; think a bit like the covers of Sophie Jordan’s Firelight series. Fairly simple, flowing gown that swirls with movement and breezes, deep deep green, and strapless, because the collar bones and shoulders and all the way down the arms would be dusted with a subtle, shimmering green powder in the shape of scales. Subtle- I’m not particularly ostentatious, but it’s really the details that do it. I’d dye my hair for the occasion to match but it would be back from my face and tumbling down my back, with small crystals pinned in to catch the light. The scales would continue up my throat and onto the face, where it would disappear under a green scaled mask with asymmetrical curves. Simple, green wire and clear crystal jewelry, nothing to detract from the scale patterns. I love the strength and elegance and mystery surrounding a lot of the stories about dragons; some stories have them as simply creatures (like Incarnate, and in some they’re wise beasts. I love that dichotomy)

So what would you wear/be to a masquerade? Don’t forget, comment below AND fill out the form! Both giveaways end at 11:59 pm EST on 6 February, so you have a whole week!

And check out some of the other activities!
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Every blog has a couple of links on it, so you don’t need to go in any particular order. Good luck, and have fun!

Until next time~


  1. Natalievana said,

    If I were going to a masquerade, I’d dress as an angel. I kind of picture it the way Clare Danes did when she was in Romeo + Juliet. Glitter on the face, like Drew Barrymore had on Ever After. Lots of white and shimmer. A flowy gown that sparkles when it hits the light. No jewelery, just simple.

  2. Rebecca said,

    I’d dress as an owl. I’ve always thought that owls were special because they are both wise and beautiful. I would create wings for myself out of brown silk with sleeves of silk to put my arms through. That way the wings would be an extension of my real arms. I picture it almost as if they were helping me to become a human kite. I’d wear brown leggings that had a slight irridescent quality to them and a brown leotard over that had the same iridescent quality but with feathers attached as well. The silk wings would have feathers on the outside and a sloft, cotton like material on the outside. I would slightly tie-dye the silk and other materials to give the textured layer look of the owls many layers. My mask would leave my regular eyes, done up in dark shadow with a yellow trim around it in makeup. With a slight yellow ring around, covered in large white circles of white fabric. This would give the impression of the owl’s bright eyed stare. The white circles would have brown around them and then a short tan colored beak to complete the outfit :)

  3. Katie said,

    I would go as a princess. I know it’s not very unique or anything, but I think it’d be so fun. The dress would be floor length in a shimmery white/slightly light pink color. The top half would be tight (corset like) and the bottom would poof out slightly and be loose. I would also have high heels covered in a sparkly design. My hair would be up in a Taylor Swift- Love Story style and I would have simple diamond stud earrings. Lastly, I would have on a white, lace eye mask and my eye makeup would be in basic browns, but dramatic like the Kardashians makeup.

  4. elena said,

    If I were going to a masquerade, I would want to be space! My gown would be long, black and shimmery with hints of purple. My hair would be dyed in a blue-black and curled softly with little stars in it. I would have a simple, silver bracelet with the charms of all the planets.

  5. Lori M Lee said,

    Hmm… I’d dress up as a unicorn with wings! Glittering spiral horn with a white mask trimmed in the really fine feathers that look like fur. I’m a fan of corseted gowns so a white beaded corset gown, with lace accents would be nice, and then giant feathery wings that would force everyone to step aside as I passed. I would be quite a spectacle =P

  6. Daisy Richeson said,

    If I were going to a masquerade, I would dress as a water angel/mermaid. Blue dress, wings, shells.

  7. Kristina Aziz said,

    I would dress in spy clothes and hang from the roof in a harness. Or, if not, I would have an elephant/Indian-inspired dress with my favorite peacock mask.

  8. Veronika said,

    In a masquerade I would wear this mask: and I would have a black-greyish long dress, stripless and decorated with dark feathers.

  9. MTG Reviews said,

    I would probably go as a pink flamingo. Why? Because when shopping in the “masquerade store” I would likely have my 4 year old daughter with me. And she gravitates to all things pink. You know how it is with 4 year olds: Whatever they say, goes.

    Plus, who doesn’t like pink? And flamingos… Feathers, wings, long legs… What’s not to like?

  10. Heather Self (@heatherself) said,

    I would totally steal Drew Barrymore’s masquerade costume from Ever After! I’ve always loved it.

  11. Kristen said,

  12. Cayce (@Cayce_23) said,

  13. AmandaPearl2 said,

    OH I would totally go with Christine from The Phantom of the Opera. I love her pink dress in the movie!

    Christine Masquerade

  14. Lecea said,

    I would wear a t-shirt and jeans and contrast that simplicity with a rainbow tiara and silver plate deer mask…I wouldn’t want to stand out, after all :)

  15. Amber/aLmYbNeNr said,

    I would go as this ladybug…isn’t it beautiful? ladybug

  16. Lexie B. said,

    I would dress as a raven. I’d wear a mask of charcoal feathers, and braid them through my hair. My gown would be slim and dark, but with billowing balloon sleeves to mimic wings. For shoes, I would most likely wear something springy, to appear light and uneasy on my feet.

  17. Sonia @ The Story Queen said,

    This is such an interesting question! :) HMM.

    Well obviously I would have to put waaaay more thought into this if I were in the book (it sounds like a big deal!) but for now, I’m going to with this.

    I’d be a phoenix. I’ve always been fascinated with them and I like the symbolism with reincarnation… being reborn from the ashes. My costume would be bold and fiery with reds, oranges and yellows. I’d probably fashion it in a way so that it was like a ball gown with an inflated skirt.

    Ahh, I’m just imagining this now…

  18. Christina Kit. said,

    I’d go as a fairy – sheer green dress, silk wings, and a beautiful antique real Venetian mask

    ccfioriole at gmail dot com

  19. CLG said,

    I would wear a deep bottle green gown, fitted at the top with a loose and flowy skirt. It would go well with my fair, creamy skin. The first half of my face would be hidden by an elaborate peacock mask, with brilliant greens and blues and even hints of purple. My jet black hair would be pulled to one side, with loose yet very thick, glossy curls- revealing a side of my long slender neck- where he will of course, kiss me later, on the dark balcony.

  20. Amy @ Book Loving Mom said,

    If I went to a masquerade I would wear a pretty purple and shimmery gold strapless gown. A corset top Gold with dark purple details and lacing and flowing skirt, sheer gold over dark purple. I would wear a gold mask with purple rhinestones and feathers.

  21. Lesley said,

    I would be a cat, wearing the cat ears and eye mask with nose. I’d wear a brown shimmery dress and a brown tail. Also brown satin gloves that go up to my elbows. And brown flats. :)

  22. Kelli Spear (@ChiKelli1) said,

    I would dress as a mermaid… such beautiful and mysterious creatures they are! I’d have a long, flowing auburn wig and a tiara of some sort. I’d have a mask of seashells to cover my eyes. My “tail” would be a sparkly, blue-green material.

  23. Michelle said,

    There was a masquerade ball I wanted to go to where Cassandra Clare was autographing books and giving away goodie bags. I didn’t get to go,but if I went to that I would probably dress like this. I’m not used to going to wearing dresses so that might be a little hard to choose. I would want probably a black or dark colored dress. For shoes I would most likely put on a pair of boots. I also have some steampunk jewelry that I would wear with my dress. My mask would be simple, yet elegant. Simple because I’m not into flashy things and a brightly colored mask probably wouldn’t go with my dress. And since I’m dressing as a shadowhunter I would have used a marker or pen to draw runes on my arms and hands. Since I couldn’t go that day I decorated part of one arm and a hand with some runes instead of both arms and hands. I Cassandra Clare ever has one again or if Jodi Meadows decides to have a masquerade ball, then I would love to go! :D

  24. ephrielle said,

    I would go to a masquerade dressed as a Calla Lily. The top would resemble the stem and the bottom would be the flower. I would have green swirly lines painted on my arms and a beautiful green gem incrusted mask.

  25. sarabara081 said,

    I would go to a masquerade dressed in a sky blue ball gown. There would be lace and lots of delicate beading. I would have beautiful sapphire and diamond jewelry and perhaps would wear delicate angel wings of snow white. My mask would also would be white with snowy feathers and crystals. :)

  26. Baggins said,

    I would have to dress dolphin/ocean inspired! I’d love to wear something like this dress, Oceania, by Capucci, which I think is gorgeous! I have short hair and I’d style it in waves and spikes with diamantes sprinkled through it to look like water drops. I considered a dolphin mask, with the long nose, but as the dress is so expressive I think instead I’d wear a simple eye mask, blue and green to match the dress, that would have dolphins painted all over it. :-D

  27. picyadri said,

    I loved the idea of a masquarede from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. There everyone wear masks of different animals. I think it would be so unique (and funny:) if everone dressed elegantly in beautiful dresses with animal masks on their faces.

  28. Lena Marsteller said,

    I would wear a black mask with red jewels and feathers. And a long red strapless gown. I would have my hair up too. :) I look great in read so… :)

  29. Diana said,

    I would wear a feather covered mask with complimentary colors, like green and blue. My dress would be matching.

  30. Fatema EL-Sayed said,

    Nothing but my usual…I suppose that we each wear enough of a mask every single day of out lives

  31. Samantha said,

    I would wear blue dress! Er…with a peacock mask! I think they’re really pretty!

    – Sam

  32. Katja said,

    I would probably go disguised as a wolf girl :) I’d wear a short silver dress and a silver feathery mask. And on the top of my head I’d have a wolf’s head (not real!! :P). I would draw this costume, but it’s always like when I want to draw something it comes out not so good at it was pictured in my head :D

  33. Ashley H said,

    I would dress up like Michael Jackson no lie lol!

  34. IdentitySeeker said,

    I would wear a red off-the shoulder ball gown accented with silver diamantes at the bust and silver strappy sandals.


    sarah DOT setar AT gmail DOT com

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