Shiny Shiny

August 12, 2012 at 1:17 pm (Writing) (, , )

I think it’s a rule of writing that the pretty, amazing shiny you want to play with isn’t the one you’re supposed to be working on.

And as a corollary: when you get the pretty, amazing shiny, it’ll be exactly when you have no time to work on it.

I’m hitting up hard against the corollary right now. I have these pretty shinies all fighting for attention but I can’t- genuinely CAN’T- work on any of them right now. I’m packing up my current apartment and making sure I have everything arranged for the new apartment, and I’m going to have to take the time to unpack otherwise I’ll never get it done and I’ll be living in a hellhole for the next year (I’m a sedentary creature by nature; if I don’t start habits early, I never maintain the good ones), so I really can’t start a new project right now.

So of course, the competing ideas are keeping me awake at night, crowding and tumbling. Characters are intruding and nearly tripping over themselves trying to tell me all about them and their lives, and even the skylines in my dreams are strange and wonderful and new, filled with floating cities and mountain monasteries, unfamiliar music obscuring the alarms in the morning.

So far I’ve been disciplined.

Yes, okay, laugh if you like, but it’s true. Other than writing down a few notes (and buying a couple of books for research purposes that I haven’t read yet, I swear) I haven’t touched the ideas. I haven’t outlined, I haven’t deliberately thought of them. (Haven’t had to, they won’t go away!) I have more than enough to keep me busy, with edits, and packing, and eight million phone calls once I actually know my new address, plus, you know, the whole full time day job thing. I don’t have time.


So remind me of that, would you?

What do y’all do when this happens to you?

Until next time~

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