NaNo 2012 Update 3

November 21, 2012 at 7:15 pm (NaNoWriMo) (, , , )

By now I’ve admitted to myself that the next time I do NaNo, I need to not worry about churning out daily word counts. I’m not quite sure how I’ve managed it, but somehow the attempt to write every single day actually made me less productive. My results this week show that to a very large degree, mainly because once I hit the NaNo goal, I went back to doing it my way.

(which is to take my days off and camp out in a public writing cave, where I don’t have nearly as many distractions, and whenever else in the week inspiration strikes)

14 November: Didn’t write at all. Instead, I took another reading day and lost myself in Reached by Ally Condie. It’s hard for me to read new stuff while I’m writing, so I tend to either reread old favorites, or save the new stuff for days where I know I’m not going to be writing at all. It keeps what I’m reading from sneaking into what I’m writing. Plus, after work, it was pizza and bad movie night with my brother. We’re continuing my education in the Bond movies, but I’m having trouble forcing myself through the list. The early ones hurt my brain SO BADLY.
Word count for the day: zero.

15 November: Day off, but also kind of an off day, at least writing wise. Went over to the mother’s house to do laundry while the brother baked pumpkin bread (which smelled and tasted DELICIOUS), and we watched Starship Troopers and John Leguizamo’s Freaks while those things were happening (oh, and Troopers? He’ll deny this vociferously, but that was my first official bad movie night). Then we went and saw Wreck-it Ralph, which, if you’ve grown up playing any sort of video or arcade games, you HAVE to go see. The story was cute, led exactly where it was supposed to, still had a nice little surprise, but the characters were superb and the gamer jokes AWESOME. Eventually got some writing done, but wasn’t really stressing about it. By this point I’d landed pretty solidly in the ‘meh’, not in the story but in the process.
Word count for the day: 1839

16 November: Full day of work, but felt pretty good afterwards, and I was starting to get into a really challenging, difficult, exciting part. I often find that the pieces that are the most difficult to write in any given story are the ones I most look forward to. We’re reaching a point of political and personal trauma, rapid changes, lines being drawn, and someone having to choose which of those lines to step up to or cross. All about decisions and choices, and most importantly of all, consequences.
Word count for the day: 2464

17 November: Full day of work, a good one but a busy one, and I came home completely brain dead. I was going to write- even opened up the computer and put one of the old standbys in the player- and then ended up reading some amazing Harry Potter fanfic while letting the Whitney Houston Cinderella play four times in a row because I was too lazy to get up and change the disc. Probably should have felt guilty. Didn’t.
Word count for the day: zero.

18 November: Schedule wise this was a weird day, but an ultimately productive one. Went to the mother’s and watched the brother play Lego LOTR, which was funny enough on its own, but then you combine the ACTUAL MOVIE VOICES and the ridiculous Lego in-jokes, and I was dying. Lunch instead of dinner with the family, because the mothers were on their way out of town for the week, and then I found a writing cave for a few hours. This early-dark stuff has my brain all turned around; it makes writing near windows very strange. BUT- lots of words and good scenes done, enough that I wasn’t that grumpy about having to go to the holiday meeting for work that night.
Word count for the day: 6911

19 November: Full day of work, then came home, put the South Park movie on repeat, and read more Harry Potter fanfiction. No shame.
Word count for the day: zero.

20 November: Day off, spent MUCH time in the writing cave, and came away with my most productive day of the month, applicable to word count, chapter tally, and just what I accomplished in the scenes I got down. Got less productive once I got home and had some chores to do, and then tried to write while watching Firefly, which gets a little un-shiny, but I was still REALLY happy with how everything turned out.
Word count for the day: 9482

Total word count so far for NaNo: 65310

So I’ve met the NaNo goal, but stopping now just seems silly. I’ll keep going until I finish the draft. Then I’m spending at least two weeks binge-reading all the shiny new things I’ve been stockpiling over the past two months.

If you’re doing NaNo, how are you doing? Check in below! And remember to back up your stuff, even if you just email it to yourself. After so much work, it would greatly suck for it to vanish.

Until next time~


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NaNo 2012 Update 1

November 7, 2012 at 10:07 am (NaNoWriMo, Writing) (, , , , , )

Just a quick update here, and then I’m off to write to make up for yesterday (see below).

1 November: First day, you want to start strong out of the gates, mostly to prove to yourself that you can, and because you’ve been psyching yourself up for days, weeks, or even months. The rest of the month is for pacing yourself. It took me a little while to find the voice for this project, mainly because it’s not a new new project (bizarrely enough, in the same way that he is is the new new Doctor). This is a rewrite of a book I wrote three and a half years ago, the first thing I queried with. I love the original book like cake but when I retired it from the queries I knew I had to think long and hard about how to salvage it. Finally, after three years of finding small pieces that needed to change, the big thing finally clicked. Sharpening a voice I already love and know so well is HARD.
Total word count for the day: 8429

2 November: Unlike the 1st, had to work this day, and I’m really not good at writing after work (or getting up uber early to write before work if it’s an opening shift). Getting a decent word count made me very grateful.
Total word count for the day: 2502

3 November: Another work day, a long one, and a pounding, throbbing headache due to a low pressure front coming in (yes, my skull likes to tell me the upcoming weather). Made some words but not the word count, and then got to the site ten minutes too late to update. Not a good day.
Total word count for the day: 990

4 November: A day off (yay!) which mean I could get a bit more done. Voice is coming more naturally, so now it’s more a question of what do I save from the original while still implementing these necessary (and kind of interesting!) changes? Kind of feel like I’m giving short shrift to some of the characters, then look back at original and realize I always kind of did in the beginning.
Total word count for the day: 7402

5 November: I did not expect this to be a good writing day, partly because I worked, partly because a new toy arrived, and whenever a fun piece of electronic wonder comes in, I like to play with it for hours and hours and hours. BUT- then Erin Bowman, Sarah Maas, and Susan Dennard threw out a Writing Sprint challenge on Twitter, and I’m kind of competitive. It turned a day that otherwise would have been a dismal 443 into:
Total word count for the day: 2530

6 November: Election Day. Didn’t even try to write today. Had some initial ideas about getting up uber early before work, but I’d stayed up later than I intended to the night before, and then my blankets and cat were just so comfortable, I said screw it, I’ll deal with the guilt. Didn’t try at all once I got home from work. I made dinner, found a couple of decent sites online, and settled in to watch the election results come in.
As a side note: Thank you, thank you, thank you, to every single person who voted yesterday, or in early voting, thank you to the people who stood in those insane lines, thank you to all the people gathered together either in person or through social media to watch the course of America. No matter who you voted for, you made a difference. Don’t believe me? They’re still counting votes in Florida, and take a look at some of the other states where both major candidates had 49% of the vote and the difference in calling it was only a few thousand. When you’re looking at millions and millions of votes, a few thousand is a HUGE deal. So thank you.

Total word count for NaNo so far: 22,532. I make tweaks as I go so sometimes the word count isn’t as easy as a straight addition from one day to the next. It’s a good start, but now I’m off to try to get some decent words in before work, so I can make up for yesterday.

How are you doing? Check in below if you’d like!

Until next time~

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